Laying the Foundation

When Ashley Wainscott, Simply Sold Founder and CEO, was helping her mother get ready to put her house up for sale in 2013, there was something she found herself wishing she hadn’t experienced throughout the process: stress.

Even with a Realtor, she felt overwhelmed by everything there was to do, which started with project planning and quickly grew into finding, hiring, and managing different contractors and vendors for everything from painting and cleaning to landscaping and handywork.

She began dealing with contractors who missed appointments, didn’t follow directions, or didn’t complete the job. After spending countless amounts of time and energy hiring, rehiring, and trying to get updates on her projects, Ashley eventually got what she needed.

What made the process so hard, she and her Reader realized, was the poor communication between all stakeholders of the home selling process.

It was this disconnect between the Realtors, contractors, and homeowners led Ashley to found Simply Sold that same year, with one goal: to simplify the selling process so that homes could be sold quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

With a dedicated Simply Sold project manager on their team, homeowners and Realtors no longer had to spend countless hours coordinating with different vendors and contractors and could instead count on their Simply Sold representative as their one and only contact. Simply Sold took over coordinating and communicating with vendors while continually updating the homeowner and Reader throughout the process.

Before Ashley and the Simply Sold team knew it, their business had expanded to include new home buyers as well. The team noticed that once clients sold their homes and purchased new ones, they would reach back out to Simply Sold for personalizations and updates to their new residence.

Over the past year, Simply Sold’s clientele expanded once again, this time to include established homeowners who were not looking to buy or sell their home, but rather to renovate or remodel.

As it continues to grow in the future, one thing will remain the same at Simply Sold: completing residential projects will be simplified for homeowners and Realtors.