About Us

What We Do

Simply Sold will eliminate the stress of making improvements to your home by providing a dedicated on site manager for your project, bringing in and managing our own vetted subcontractors, and serving as your one point of contact throughout the entire experience

With over 1,000 enhanced homes under our tool belt, Simply Sold brings a unique wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project. We know how hard it can be to acquire the know-how and put all the pieces together by yourself, especially if you’ve never worked on a big home improvement project before. That’s why, above all else, our team wants to provide the simplest experience for you.

Don’t worry; you won’t have to wonder how things are going. Simply Sold is a business of trust, and we earn yours by providing custom scheduling and timelines, a team that treats your home with the respect they would their own, precise planning, and extremely clear, open communication. You will always be in the loop.

Did we mention Realtors love us, too? When they tell a client to call Simply Sold, we save them the time they would have spent on researching companies, meeting contractors for bids and haggling prices. Because we coordinate all of the work with the trusted subcontractors we bring on and communicate directly with the homeowner, Realtors can focus on other important work like listing and showing the house.

What Sets Us Apart

We’re the only company to manage all of the residential project services you’ll need as part of our one business. All you have to do is call us. Our work is thorough, high quality, and well communicated throughout each project.