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We are a general contractor service specializing in managing residential projects, including producing market-ready homes, beautifying recently-purchased properties, and fulfilling renovation or remodel needs.

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At Simply Sold, we’ve perfected the process of general contracting. We walkthrough your project and supply you with our own trusted subcontractors so that you can avoid the hassle of finding and managing your own. Not only do we save you time and money with our own team of workers, but we also provide you with an on-site project manager, who coordinates all of the work being done on your project. Your Simply Sold representative is your one point of contact. They manage all of the details, all of the time. Using a scheduling software, your representative is able to tell you everything from when materials for the project will be arriving to when the job will be complete. They’ve got your back from day one.

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Market-Ready Homes

From basic home improvements to large renovations, such as painting and appliance installations, Simply Sold brings a wealth of knowledge experience to the process of completing all of the home improvement projects you need to prepare you home for sale. Our team features trusted subcontractors for any project, so worry no more about finding and managing your own workers. Best of all, the only person you communicate with throughout the project is your Simply Sold representative.

Prepped and Ready in No Time

Rather than spending too much time researching companies, meeting contractors for bids and haggling prices, direct your clients to Simply Sold. We’ll handle every home prep service from start to finish directly with the client. Because we coordinate all of the work with our trusted family of subcontractors and communicate directly with the homeowner, Realtors can focus on other important tasks, such as listing and showing the house.

Your Home, Your Way

So, you just bought a home and aren’t completely in love with the wall between the kitchen and the dining room, could do without the style of your bathroom fixtures, and notice that you’re going to need new carpet. You have no idea where to begin or who to hire for each project. That’s when you call Simply Sold. We’ll do a walk through of your home, assign a dedicated manager to your project, and coordinate all of the work with our trusted subcontractors. Rather than talk to multiple vendors, your only point of contact is us. Simple as that. We work the same way for seasoned homeowners looking to remodel or upgrade their home.

Need a contractor who will care about the details AND bring your vision board to life? That's us! No need to manage all the subcontractors, their quality of work, their schedules and punchlist work, we will handle all of that. You take care of the creating, and we handle the "do-ing" of the work. Consider us the implementers. By partnering with Simply Sold, we understand the number one priority in pleasing and taking care of the client while providing trends that are relevant for today's time.


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How It Works

Your Home, Your Way in 4 Simple Steps

A Business of Trust

Reliability Ask for our list of references! Every home is treated like our own.

Professionalism We review our expectations with you and go over all details to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Scheduling We manage the schedule to keep the project flowing efficiently. Each home is unique and requires a custom timeline.

Communication Our Project Managers are on site at least once a day and will be providing you with updates.

Credibility Deadlines are promises, and we always keep our promises. Your home is where our heart is. Read what others are saying about us for more information.

Contractual Obligations All agreements are in writing to minimize any missed details.

Precise Planning Detailed, step-by-step timelines provided.

Knowledge We have answers to your specialty questions.

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My Real Estate Agent Cari Clark found Simply Sold to help us get our house of 20 years Market Ready. They had their work cut out for them, and I could not have been more pleased with the results. They worked well with both my agent and myself to pick out updated materials to put in house. They were always available when needed and got everything done in timely fashion. I would use Simply Sold again if I had any remodel job!

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I was able to impress clients who didn’t want to take on the task of being a general contractor and provide them with a company who could coordinate all contractors who had already been vetted for minimal cost and an expedited timeline.

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